Holigrail offer services that connect like-minded people from around the world without limitations whatsoever. Any registered member using our product will be given access to section(s) that, he or she is entitled to benefit from based on individual needs. Any content you produce on the site will be viewed by others and sometimes the content can be shared outside of the Holigrail’s website. We cannot police or control. However, the purpose of the site is to bring the world together and help one another

The purpose of this privacy policy is to outline what happens when we collect personal data and how such data is used, stored and or shared.

By using the service provided to you by us, you agree that your details collected can be stored, shared and disclosed to law enforcement whenever the need arises and per our terms of operation. Only with intervention and request by a competent court of shall we disclose or share information we hold you and your activities as per the data we hold. By using the service, you also agree that you may or could receive information from our partners if any at any time of the day.

Individual information we collect and how to use it.

The information we collect from our users is used to provide our product(s) and or services to the end user and as well as to improve on these products and services. We will also use the information to communicate with you about services and or about changes to our terms, policies, service(s), product(s) and as well as respond to you when ever you contact us. We may also introduce partner products and or services at the same time.

Account registration: When you register and create an account, the process involves inputting or creating a username, providing your real names and email address, password and even a mobile number. Your password is something that is only known by you and we would never have access to and or request that you provide us with such information. However, your username and or real names would become publicly available through your profile page and also in search results. Anyone without necessarily having to register on our site, if they use the search facility provided on the site “could” find your information though limited to username, full names, pictures and or geographic location.

Additional information: Information such as your personal biography, the website may also be publicly available through our website and or the search engines. We also users to sometimes use external platforms like Facebook and Twitter to log into our platform. If you happen to use any such platforms, information about you on those websites will be automatically imported into ours and will be visible to the public and search engines. This means that whatever you post on our platform will be cross-posted to the platform you’ve used to register or to log in to our site. The whole process needs authentication from your end before this process can happen.

Location information: Our system may receive information about your location. Once you post content on our platform, your location will be automatically identified including your IP address. We may also have knowledge of your location through other data sources like from the device you are using through the built-in GPS from your device, wireless networks and or cell towers closer to your location. We may use or store such information gathered from these sources and locations to provide you with a better service that are relevant to you based on geography.

Cookies: Cookies is an important technology that is heavily relied upon by many websites and online businesses. We may use cookies and other related technologies to collect data and or information about how you use our website and consequently to improve the services we offer to you for a better experience and or satisfaction. Almost all Internet browsers accept cookies but, you are free to instruct your own browser to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting any from any or specific websites by changing the settings. However, if you decide to change the settings, you may not be able to benefit from the services we provide to you. You can learn more about this topic on this cookies external page

Sharing your data with 3rd parties: Holigrail has partners, affiliates and services. We indirectly or directly share your non-sensitive data with them to help us improve the use of our product(s) and or service(s). Theses service providers may include those that offer technical infrastructure assistance, monitoring and analyzing how our service(s) and or product(s) are/is being consumed, providing customer services, facilitating payment transactions, conducting industry research and as well as surveys. However, these service providers, partners and or affiliates must comply to strict data confidentiality obligations in a way that meets professional standards and as outlined in the data protection laws of all developed, underdeveloped, developing nations and in accordance with our signed agreements relating to the protection of such data.

User Content: Any content you create on “Holigrail” is automatically the property of “Holigrail”. However, your intellectual property rights are neither infringe in one way or the other. You remain the auto and at some point have access to delete such content without any prohibitions.

Log Data: As a user and or member benefiting from the product(s) and or service(s) we provide, we may gain access to “Log Data” based on your activities and interaction with the site and its product(s) and service(s). The log data we may lay our hands on include but not limited to; operating system, IP address, type of browser, geographic location, visited pages, pages browsed, mobile carrier if you on mobile, further details about your device, cookie information and search terms. Holigrail uses your log data to understand, improve and to provide services that will create a good customized user experience that reflects your individual interests and needs. However, after we’ve analyzed the log data, arrived at some useful insights, such data is then deleted which includes but not limited to usernames, IP addresses and email addresses.

EU safe harbor: Holigrail complies with the EU – US safe harbor framework and the EU – Swiss safe harbor framework as set forth by the EU regarding the collection, retention and use of individual or personal data from the European Union countries and Switzerland. Holigrail hereby testify to adhere to this framework laws and governing Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data, integrity, access and enforcement. If you would want to learn more about the Safe Harbor Framework, please visit

Service Providers: We may engage with financial service providers in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Western Europe and or New Zealand to provide services as needed by the business. We may share your personal data with these service providers on the grounds that they agree to maintain confidentiality and to adhere to the code of conduct governing such services and institutions and that they use your data only on our instructions to deliver a service or product that will permit you to benefit from other or some of the product we provide to premium members. It means we may share your information to payment services providers for the purpose of processing payments, investigating, detecting and preventing fraudulent activities and or other prohibited activities to create room for disputes relating to chargebacks, refunds or dispute resolutions including other purposes in-line with processing credit and debit card payments.

Law enforcement: Only on rare occasions and specifically with a request from the court of law shall we disclose personal information contrary to our terms of service and this policy. Even after such a request from the courts or government agency, we may preserve or disclose your information only when we deem it necessary and believe that it is important to comply with such a request which include but not limited security related issues, fraud, terrorism or to protect the interest of our business or property, that we may comply.

Bankruptcy and or sale of business: If it happens that our business goes bankrupt, been sold, merged with another, been acquired by another entity, data about you will be equally be transferred as part of the transaction. However it goes bankrupt and there is no one to take over, your data will remain with us and may be destroyed within 90days. If we have or own other businesses, your data may be transferred to such business(es) in the case of bankruptcy.

Modifying personal information: All registered users have access to tools that allows the user to modify, delete or correct his or personal information through the account settings.

As a registered member, you have the choice of deleting your person personal account permanently. When your account is deleted, it cannot be restored again. You may delete your account if you seize from sharing the bond we have in common (ability to help one another to create successful businesses online), which means any content, and all content associated with your account will be completely deactivated and cannot be restored. Therefore, it is your duty and personal responsibility to make sure you do not delete your account by error or allow access to your account to someone that may accidently delete it.

Note that even after your account has been deleted or deactivated, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing may still have cached copies of your account and activities like; content, public biography, pictures, user profile after your account has been deleted. We do not have control over this and are unable to assist you in such scenarios.

Compromise of personal information: We will endeavor to contact any person or all whose personal data has been compromised. However, we do not accept liability for any unintentional compromise or a security breach of our system or database by unauthorized persons. However, we will always thrive to secure such data to the best of our ability.

Children’s privacy: We take children’s privacy as a top priority. We won’t knowingly solicit or collect data from a child that is below 13yrs of age but we do not have a problem if such a child contacts us with an interest to join our platform. This is because of the nature of the business we operate. Children can become entrepreneurs as many are already doing genuine businesses around the world. Such children will have to use our service with permission from his or her parents. Such permission will have to be in writing and the copy shared with us. If we notice or find out that an under 13yrs old has registered without contacting us and without written permission from his or parent, such an account will be immediately terminated without prior notification. If you happen to become aware that there is an under-aged child registered on the site without consultation or permission from his/her parents, please click here to contact us

The language of communication: The English language is presently the only business language accommodated. All claims or disputes or governance will be communicated in English. Even when we rule out other languages, English will remain the only means of communication for all related disputes and claims.

Changes to this Privacy: We reserve the right to modify or amend this privacy policy and or other policies attached to this platform at any time and in a manner that suits the needs of the business without prior notification. However, any such changes will be notified to all users as soon as they take place. Using the services and or products we provide after such amendments or changes signifies your agreement to comply. However, if we decide to change how we use or store your personal data, we will inform all members prior to such changes taking place. It will then be left to you to decide if you want to continue to use the service or to terminate your account.

Contacting us about our privacy: If you have any queries or concerns about our privacy policy, contact us at privacy………

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