MK-677 SARMS Tester Capsules

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What is Ibutamoren Tester Capsules

Ibutamoren tester capsules are for those wanting to try mk677 before committing to buying. They come in a pack of 10capsules. These capsules are responsible for increasing growth hormones in the body.

Benefits of taking MK 677 to the body?

  • Build very strong muscles
  • Heal muscle wasting
  • Augment bone density
  • Provides good sleep
  • Stop growth hormone deficiency
  • Heal wounds with ease

Once you have finished with this tester pack, you can then go to the full MK 677 SARM cycle.

Delivery info

Delivering this MK 677 to you

From UK – 2-3 days

From Bulgaria – 2-3 days

From Germany – 2-3 days

From European Economic Area – 3-5 days

If you are from the USA, Africa, Australia, Asia etc, please kindly talk to us before placing an order


MK 677 Dosage

Our MK 677 comes in capsules form. For effective and responsible use of MK 677, you can take up to 30mg daily.

  • Men 20-30mg daily
  • Women 10-20mg daily
  • Take at night time, 1-2 hours before bedtime
  • No side effects



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