SARMS YK11 – RAD140 – Ibutamoren Stack For Muscle Growth

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What is SARMS YK11, RAD140 and Ibutamoren Stack used for?

The combination of What is SARMS YK11, RAD140 and Ibutamoren Stack during a single cycle is aimed at producing wonderful results especially with someone looking to increase the size of his/her muscles and at the same, do away with unwanted fat.

Let’s take a look at what each SARM in this stack does. Shall we….

RAD 140

RAD 140, is a powerful selective androgen receptor modulator (SARMs) whose purpose is the ability to rapidly increase the size of the muscles in realtime. This stack is able to provide real and measurable results within an 8week cycle. No side effects whatsoever as it does not turn RAD 140 to other hormones.

The good news is that Testolon makes good use of testosterone in the body but isolates its negativity using selective stimulants in the androgen receptor to do its thing in peace. As RAD 140 is muscle building SARM, it is popularly and frequently used by sportsmen such as those in to; Powerlifting, bodybuilding, musclebuilding and cross fit.

YK 11

YK 11 is one of the most powerful sarms right now as I write. YK 11 has two functions; initially developed to assist in muscle growth and to decrease the ratio of body fat dramatically in a single cycle. Testolone will assist anyone in the world to grow muscles because it is a myostatin inhibitor.

Naturally, some of us are born with large amounts of this protein in their body and gene and this prevents significant muscle growth even when he/she uses steroids. This is why YK 11 comes in like a king as it helps any human being to be able to his/her lean muscle mass growth without any side effects or risks.


Ibutamoren within the stack makes it a complete game-changer in no time. It was developed to help build lean muscle mass when training, burn unwanted fat, enhance physical conditions, boost energy levels and improve metabolism. This is what you are getting but when you have used Ibutamoren for 6-12 months, it appears to provide some interesting results by removing body wrinkles and making you look smoother than ever. It also helps in reducing and enhancing fatigue levels, depression and hair growth in both men and women

Side Effects From YK 11- RAD 140 & MK 677 SARMs

YK 11 has some side effects on women and this includes unwanted facial or body hair. It does not affect every women and consumer are neither bothered about this. It may also cause a slight increase in blood pressure RAD 140 can also create hair loss when on a high dose and mood changes. Ibutamoren might make you eat more than before.

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Dosage for RAD 140, Ibutamoren and YK11 Stack

This is probably one of the best SARMs stacks in the market currently. It should be noted that YK 11 requires you to eat before your daily intake of this powerful muscle builder. You will need to be able to train as you consume YK 11 and the complete sarms stack

YK 11

  • 6-8 weeks cycle. Take 1o mg with food. Apply 3-4  weeks break before continuing

RAD 140

  • 8-12 cycle. Take 20mg every 24/36 hours. Apply 4-6 weeks of break before continuing.

RAD 140 For Women

  • 6-8 weeks cycle. Take 10 mg every 24/36 hours. Apply a break of 3-4 weeks before continuing.


  • 6-8 weeks cycle. Take 10-20mg daily. Apply a break of 3-4 weeks.


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