The Best Endurance and Fitness Levels in a pill? The Holigrail Capitalizes on SARMs for Bulking, Endurance and Strength


SARMS is an acronym for “selective androgen receptor modulators”, which are a class of therapeutic compounds with similarity to anabolic agents though with less androgenic properties. SARMS were created to mimic the functions of steroids but without associated side effects. They are very selective in their actions and practices, creating room for more use as compared to steroids with attached limitations and side effects.

Some sportsmen, athletes and gym-goers are gradually tuning to this new muscle building popular drug to help them build a better-looking body, gain muscles, rapid strength and endurance in as short as 8 weeks. SARMS are therefore your best alternative to steroids as I write without a doubt. The best part is that human-tested SARMS have no side effects

Hundreds if not thousands of websites out there are supplying SARMS online as a “legal muscle building drug” for sporting activities like MMA and Wrestling, the drug remains unapproved in many parts of the world. The good part so far is that; SARMs have proven to be very effective in muscle building, muscle wasting, lean mass muscles, rapid endurance and strength levels when you compare them to steroids and yet without steroidal side effects. The spread and consumption of SARMS is at an alarming rate as a result of them having no side effects and far better than steroids.

The pioneers of SARMS will include pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo Smith & Ligan pharmaceuticals whose research concentrated on finding treatments for Osteoporosis, Colon, muscle wasting and the treatment of cancer. However, until this present moment, SARMS remains a product under clinical testing and not been approved in the United States of America by the Food and Drug Administration.

SARMS for medical research were initially designed and developed to target skeletal muscles and other body tissues selectively as a measure to reduce or eliminate unwanted side effects

According to Boston University, a 3-week trial using Ligandrol 4033, a SARM being used for the treatment of such conditions as Osteoporosis and muscle wasting, found that, it is safe in healthy men and produced wonderful results in the areas of muscle growth, endurance and strength. Even though all agreed the side effects were of a lesser concern, it was found to cause a drop in HDL cholesterol. The author thus concluded that; “long term studies are needed with people that have been consuming SARMS for long to be able to find or discover any associated risks.

From the starting of 2010, many athletes, wrestlers and gym-goers who were previously on Steroids have turned on to SARMS from anabolic steroids because they have been informed, they are safe and without any toxicological effects. Thousands of men and women from all walks of like including; police officers, soldiers, accountants, businessmen, gym-goers and fitness fanatics have switched to rapid endurance and fitness in a pill.

Mass demand comes with side effects and we both have to agree and look into that if we are going to be safe. With mass demand comes fake products and this is where the major risk to consumers comes from. Not all products with the name SARMS had all the components of a sarm product according to research conducted by JAMA. They found products that have been rebranded and poisoned with unlisted ingredients sold as SARMS to unsuspecting clients. They bought 44 products and were able to find that, only about half the products researched, tested and analysed contained the actual SARMs ingredients and with about 10% of those products containing zero SARM compounds or ingredients.

The reality is that; anabolic and androgenic steroids can help exercise-active individuals to become extremely fit and healthy because they boost testosterone in men. It should be noted that, SARMS are developed and designed to target skeletal muscles in a selective and sparring manner.

I think it is right to conclude that it is harder to determine the impact SARMS leaves behind because some consumers have been stacking these SARMS with steroids, drugs, substances and other supplements.

With contaminated and mis-sold SARMs labels, the risks and dangers are imminent. The one common danger facing those who use or consume fake SARMS includes bad cholesterol profiles and a rise in liver enzymes for those with long term use of the drug. Very common with users of diversified sarms or integrated stacks will include the following side effects; hair loss, acne, low sex drive. However, the report remains inconclusive because the researchers were unable to determine whether the risk is coming from the sarms itself or from other unknown and unlisted compounds/ingredients in the contaminated products.

Finally, based on these findings, it is clear, there are risks associated with sarms and to avoid them means buying SARMS from reputable and trusted websites only. However, use them with care and consideration and the risk will become minimal. In general, SARMS are safe to consume when you compare them with steroids. They are designed to take steroids off the market. You can buy quality sarms from our SARMS Store.