Holigrail Terms of Service

The content you are reading here is known as “Terms of Service”.

These “terms” governs how you collectively use or access the services provided to you as an individual or business. Therefore, your access to and use of any of the services within our platforms means you totally accept and agree to abide with these terms in full.

Primary Terms

You are fully responsible for any content you share or post within any group or page on our website and any consequences arising thereof or thereafter. Any content posted on our site is or could be viewed by other Internet users and or third parties. At this material moment, you cannot control who sees your content but you may control who interacts with your content based on the ideology of the Holigrail as a social platform.

Basically, Holigrail is about helping business and individuals to grow. By using the services provided by this platform, you agree to be bound by all the core values, rule and terms of services governing the platform.

However, if you are using the services on behalf of a government, company, organisation or any other institution, you must have the permission as such to do so. Using the service means you fully agree to abide by all the rules and terms.

The service we provide is subject to changes with or without prior notification. Even though you are entitled to all content you share or publish on the site, we may stop or temporarily seize the services at any time based on the circumstance present at the time without any prior notification to you or an entity you represent. We also retain the right to obstruct, create limitations on use and or storage at our sole discretion without any prior notification.

Disclaimer of warranties and liability limitations

This website is provided as it is and as you see it. To best of our knowledge and the fullest extent permissible by the laws of this land, Holigrail makes no representations and or warranties of any type, be it implied or expressed concerning the use and or the benefits of this platform relating to the expected successes, accuracy, correctness, reliability etc.

Holigrail will not be liable in any circumstance irrespective of its nature, occurrences, fitness or whatever you call it. Holigraill, its directors, managers, staffs will not be liable for any indirect, direct, incidental, consequential or punitive damages and or any loss of revenue, profit or income, irrespective of whether the occurrences is direct or indirect including but not limited to any loss of content published on the site, goodwill or any other intangible losses resulting from or through the use of the platform or inability to access the site or it products. If at all, there is a claim, the maximum aggregate liability for any claim relating to the use of our platform or products and services shall not exceed £10.00 (Ten Pounds UK Sterling). You must agree to these terms before using the platform if not, do not use it if fail to agree to these terms.

Any content posted on the site is that of the registered member. We do not police content that we provide the platform as it is without any guarantee relating to infringement of intellectual property rights. In a case where intellectual property rights have been abused, all we can do is to delete such content provided there is evident to support the claim.

We also reserve the right to unpublished or delete any content on the site that is not within our terms, that violates others rights without prior notification.


With regards to any disputes that may arise, you agree to firstly contact us to try and resolve the matter with us informally and amicably. Failure to do so will render you dispute invalid and untenable, which means it will be thrown out of the door. However, in a scenario where we have been contacted to try and resolve the problem with you informally, an arbitrator may be called in. However, you are responsible for the costs to the arbitrator. The arbitrator will be that from where our business operates.

All claims for damages cannot and will never exceed £10.00 irrespective of the course, dispute and controversy. If you do not agree, then do not use the platform at all.

You, therefore, agree that, by using this website, all matters arising shall be dealt with without the intervention of any judicial court of law irrespective of its nature. Any crises arising thereof shall only be resolved between the concern and our business. However, if you try to abuse our business, we will sue you in court for damages without limitations. This means any claim must be brought in the individual’s personality capacity and never as a plaintiff and never with or through a representative. You agree that by using Holigrail, you are bound by these conditions of usage, which implies waiving the right of a trial, jury and or third party judicial intervention.


Using our platforms means; agreeing to hold our company, directors, subsidiaries, affiliates, managers, employees and or staff free and harmless from any form or type of indemnity, claim, including fees and costs for attorneys lawyers arising from using the platform, violation, intellectual property rights, copyrights, damages or infringement by a member(s), or any other user type of the site or entity.

Member’s accounts

Any person using the site will be given the opportunity to create a username and a password and are solely responsible for all activities and content on their accounts whether within our terms and conditions or not. As a member, you agree to keep us fully informed in scenarios of unauthorized access or use of your account and or any security breach of such activity. You are personally responsible for the use of your account and such accounts are non-transferable or sellable without prior written consent from Holigrail. Each member is allowed a single account only. Creation of multiple accounts is not allowed and if found to be abusing these terms, your account will be suspended and or deleted without prior notification and future use or access to the platform will be prohibited forever.

Governing Jurisdictions

We operate from England, the UK which means, we are subject only to UK laws. We do not make any representation that our website or business is appropriate, conducive, appropriate, legal and or available for use throughout the world. However, we offer our services to anyone irrespective of geographic boundaries but you agree to be bound by the laws that govern this site specifically and the United Kingdom laws respectively.

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