Ligandrol is also known by the name LGD 4033, Anabolicum by many in the bodybuilding industry, is very easy to administer. It is but good practice to have in place a recommended fixed cycle of use between 2-6 weeks. Our recommended daily dosage stand at 5-20mg for maximum results.

One good point about ligandrol is that, you don’t need a high concentration of LGD-4033 in your body to get maximum effect.

With that being said, 5 mg of ligandrol is a normal dosage for daily consumption. This will produce excellent results depending on whether your intentions and or goals are cutting, body recomposition or bulking.

Men can take up to 15mg on a daily basis but it is advisable that women take 5mg daily. Some athlets may take up to 20mg but we do not recommend taking anything above 10mg.